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How can a parts and components company take advantage of the "net" to take off?

How can a parts and components company take advantage of the "net" to take off?

Someone said: "The wind is coming and the pig can fly." "Internet" is this gust. Since Li Keqiang proposed the "Internet" action plan in the government work report, the gust of wind has grown. All walks of life have wanted to make that "pig", and auto parts companies in the process of transformation and upgrading naturally cannot afford this opportunity. The
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has identified 100 companies as “Pilots for Innovative Internet and Industrial Integration in 2015”, among which there are seven auto parts companies that will explore how to use the development model of the Internet to achieve smart production and intelligent management projects. These topics are also the direction in which the auto parts industry is exploring and working hard. So, standing on the cusp of "Internet", how can auto parts companies seize opportunities and take advantage of it?
Five Modes of "Internet Auto Parts"
The Internet is like a wing of an auto parts company. At present, many parts and components companies are actively exploring and hope to achieve the transformation of traditional enterprises through the Internet. The reporter sorted out the current cases of auto parts companies embracing the Internet and found that they can be classified into five modes.
The first model is the networking of parts and components companies and actively caters to the "Internet." There are many companies adopting this model. For example, Xingmin Steel Barrel acquires 51% equity of Wuhan Intime Group and expands the internet of vehicles and big data business; Jingu Shares shares in Shanghai Language Environment 12.5%, layouts car networking; Asia-Pacific Shares increase capital Titanium horse information 11.88% stake, intends to enter the field of car networking; giant wheel shares to promote the implementation of the "Internet" and the big data service real economy, invest 150 million yuan to participate in the restructuring of the Institute of Computing Technology Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
The second model is to set up an "internet" fund to seek investment and merger and acquisition opportunities. The typical representative of this model is Zhongding, which jointly initiated the establishment of Tian Pu Zhongding “Internet” fund jointly with Shanghai Tian Pu Asset Management Partnership, mainly for the investment and M&A of O2O service projects in the automotive aftermarket.
The third model is to establish an Internet data platform to provide data and technology sharing for component companies. Archimedes Advanced Technology Network is a manifestation of this model. Through its core products and services, such as Advanced Technology Package (ATT) and Advanced Technology Services System (ATS), it is continuously transporting Europe and the United States with panoramic images and big data. Advanced technology, patent achievements and professional talents.
The fourth model is to build an e-commerce platform to sell and service parts and components. Tire companies, automotive parts with fragile and easy-installed features, and auto parts companies facing the aftermarket are more explored in this area. For example, Fengshen Tire opened stores in Jingdong and Tmall and opened WeChat public number, Michelin established official Chika, the flagship store, and Longsheng Technology actively construct e-commerce sales platforms.
The fifth model is cross-border cooperation with Internet companies and the implantation of Internet genes. There are also many typical examples of this model. For example, Delphi, an international auto parts supplier, and Baidu cooperated with Baidu on vehicle connectivity. Cooper Tire and U.S. e-commerce service platform on the Internet have signed a cooperation agreement to explore the O2O tire e-commerce model. .
Seize the opportunity to achieve rapid development
Although auto parts companies have derived five models from embracing the Internet, “Internet auto parts and components” are still at the initial stage of development. The modes of exploring and using the Internet by various companies are not very clear and they are still in the process. Try to explore the period.
In terms of the five models, parts and components companies have different application directions to the Internet, but in general, these directions mainly focus on e-commerce and car networking applications, mainly including the sales of parts and components, and the development of car networking products. , big data acquisition, etc. From production, sales to circulation, the entire industry chain's Internet system has not yet been established.
Even so, auto parts companies must not be discouraged. They must actively try and seize the opportunity to ride the "Internet" turmoil to promote industrial restructuring and speed up the transformation and upgrading of the company. The auto parts companies that are on the air are of course going to be the pigs that fly up, but they must strive to improve their capabilities and ensure that they can fly freely even if there is no wind.

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